#38 Maeng Da now in stock!

We got the #38 maeng da in by surprise today. Apparently, the shipping company gave us the wrong tracking number. So, we’ve been watching the wrong one for two weeks. It’s now listed for sale. We’ll be listing the capsules tomorrow afternoon. Quality is good, though like the last one it’s a coarse grind. I’m not sure what’s going on with the coarse grinds on the maeng da’s and the #37 moderns because our supplier said he was going to a finer one on our request last December, and mostly has been up until now. Quality does seem much better on the #38 maeng da’s than the #37 maeng da’s though.

This was the first third of batch #38. The other two thirds are going to be combined with batch #39, which we just ordered, and sent together by a different method. Obviously, the ones we’ve been trying haven’t been working well. So, this one should. If it goes well, we’re going to move to getting much bigger shipments in at once. We’d much rather have too much stock then be out constantly. Expect the rest of #38 and #39 to be in in 1 to 2 weeks.


Treasure House Botanicals,

Ben & Lindsay

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