• New stock is in!

    Second half of batch #38; modern, elephant, jongkong, bali, piaman, and new banjar

    The rest of batch #38 is now in and listed for sale. Basically, it’s everything out of #38 but the maeng da which we already got on the 10th. We got a small amount of a new strain in called Banjar. I can’t tell you anything else about it except that it seems pretty good. We figured it would be easier to just order some and try it rather then ask for a bunch of information on it that doesn’t really tell you if it’s good. So far it gets a thumbs up. We didn’t get any malay or bukik in this one. Due to changing regulations in Indonesia #38 and #39 will be the last batches we get of the elephant and piaman strains. For some reason they’re not going to be able to produce them anymore. I’m not positive, but I think it has to do with them being wild harvested leaves. We still have a lot of testing to do, but so far so good. None of it seems to have any of the dryness that the #37 and #38 maeng da had and #37 moderns had.

    Thankfully, it seems our new shipping arrangements are working out. Batch #39 should be in towards the end of the week or into mid next week. Batch #40 is on the way too. Restocks should very much be back to normal now.


    Treasure House Botanicals,

    Ben & Lindsay

  • #38 Maeng Da now in stock!

    We got the #38 maeng da in by surprise today. Apparently, the shipping company gave us the wrong tracking number. So, we’ve been watching the wrong one for two weeks. It’s now listed for sale. We’ll be listing the capsules tomorrow afternoon. Quality is good, though like the last one it’s a coarse grind. I’m not sure what’s going on with the coarse grinds on the maeng da’s and the #37 moderns because our supplier said he was going to a finer one on our request last December, and mostly has been up until now. Quality does seem much better on the #38 maeng da’s than the #37 maeng da’s though.

    This was the first third of batch #38. The other two thirds are going to be combined with batch #39, which we just ordered, and sent together by a different method. Obviously, the ones we’ve been trying haven’t been working well. So, this one should. If it goes well, we’re going to move to getting much bigger shipments in at once. We’d much rather have too much stock then be out constantly. Expect the rest of #38 and #39 to be in in 1 to 2 weeks.


    Treasure House Botanicals,

    Ben & Lindsay

  • Second half of batch #37 is in!

    New stock is in and up. What we just got in is the second half of batch #37. In the first half we got all the maeng da’s and moderns in. So, we didn’t get any of those in this batch except for more modern green. Complete list of strains that came in is modern green, elephants, jongkongs, piamans, malay’s, bali, bukik.  It will be a while before we have any comment on quality. Seventeen strains just came in, and it’s going to take a while. Everything seems very much along the same lines as the other half of batch #37. It does seem finer and not as dry.

    Because we’re putting up new stock on a Friday, and we expect it to be busy after being out for so long we’re placing a cut off for orders to go out Saturday at midnight eastern time tonight. Orders that are paid for after that can be expected to go out Monday.  If we can take more then that we certainly will, but we need to ensure that we’re able to send out everyone’s orders. Saturday’s are very difficult days even on normal ones because the Post Office closes at noon, and we’re expecting a high volume of orders. Again, if we can take more we will.

    Because we didn’t get any maeng das and moderns in and it might be a while before we get them, we don’t have any of the normal strains we make capsules from. We’re going to make some available from the modern green, white jongkong, and red bali. We are holding off on listing them until Saturday though. Saturdays really are difficult days, and filling capsules is the most labor-intensive thing we do. If make them available now I can guarantee that we won’t make the post office Saturday.

    As for when you can expect batch #38. It still very much up in the air. As I’m sure you noticed we’re having big troubles with shipping. We gave a third of #38 to a new shipping company. They were supposed to have sent it out Monday, but there’s still no word on it. The old shipping company has the other two thirds, and they’ve told us it’s due to go out on Sunday. Whether or not that happens is anybody’s guess.  If things don’t work out with the new shipping company our last option is to send it as freight. The problem with that is we’d have to order two months’ worth at a time. So, we wouldn’t even be able to place an order until we’ve sold all of #37 and all of #38. Still if it’s the only thing that works it’s better than being out for weeks at a time.

    Everything looks good with this batch though. It’s in, up, and ready to go.


    Treasure House Botanicals,

    Ben & Lindsay

  • Update on estimated restock time

    We’re almost out of stock again. Which isn’t a surprise. Here’s what’s going on and when you can expect more stock.

    The shipping company we were using changed their terms without notifying anyone until it was too late. They changed from offering one shipping service speed to offering a faster service for more money. All their old accounts got moved to the slower service. Which basically means the rest of batch #37 and most of batch #38 have been sitting in their warehouse for the last month. We have a new shipping company now. We should be getting some of batch #38 in at the end of the week or early next week. The rest of batch #37 and #38 will be getting picked up from the old shipping company and sent by the new one. We should have the rest of it from 5/6 to 5/11. After that we’ll be back to normal with shipments and keeping in stock.

    So, the end of this week we’ll have about a third of #38 coming in, and the week following that the other half of #37 and the other two thirds of #38.

  • Update on same day shipping time, quality, and 250 gram bags

    I wanted to make a quick update on our same day shipping situation and response time. We’ve been experiencing extremely heavy order volume since we restocked yesterday. We’ve been working around the clock to keep up with everyone’s orders.  We didn’t take any same day orders today at all. If you ordered yesterday, paid, and got a tracking number this morning your order has gone out. All other orders will be going out tomorrow. We’re not sure yet if we’ll be able to take any same day orders tomorrow, but please don’t bet on it. Shipping and response time should be back to normal by Thursday.

    We just finished processing all the paid invoices from this morning. We managed to keep up with sending invoices today but haven’t been processing them when they were paid.  We’ve only been answering the most urgent emails. I’ll be answering all other emails after this.

    An update on quality, the potency seems normal on everything. Most of this batch is a coarse grind as well as slightly darker in color. It seems a little drier too. Potency seems good though. The modern red is the lightest and finest.

    A quick note, we ran out of 250 grams bags. While we wait for more to come in (probably Thursday) we’re using 500 gram bags for 250 gram orders. Most orders from Monday are in 250 gram bags were appropriate, but everything from tomorrow on will be in a 500 gram bag until we get more in.

    We’re working very hard to keep up. All your orders are important to us, and we know fast shipping matters. Your’re all regular customers. We apologize for any delays. Things should be back to normal soon.

  • We’re Back! Batch #37 is here!

    At long last it’s here, fully three weeks late. This is officially the longest we’ve ever been out of stock. So at least we set a record. The first half of batch of #37 is now in and listed. All maeng da’s and moderns are in as well as a newwhite piaman. We still have a lot of testing to do, but everything appears good. We don’t have an exact date on the other half of #37 yet. We were told it would start moving last Friday, but it’s still sitting were it is. Once it moves, we’ll have it in three days. Hopefully, it will be in in less than a week. Batch #38 was ordered two weeks ago. Whether or not shipping will be delayed on it remains to be seen, but in any case, it shouldn’t be delayed as long as this one was.

    A couple of minor changes on the site. We are no longer accepting echecks.  Once all the fees are added up it costs us more than other payment methods, and we were giving a discount on using it. That with customers having to wait three or more days for their orders to ship, and the fact we were losing $50-$200 a week in bounced checks makes it a ridiculously bad deal.  The only reason we kept it this long was as a fail safe so if worse comes to worst, we would still have it as a backup payment method. So, for now it’s gone. If we ever need it again, we can bring it back.

    We increased the discount for using Bitcoin to 13% and are also now accepting Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. No plans in the future to add any other cryptos, but they are the easiest and fastest payment method for all of us.

    During our down time I did put a lot of work into getting a reward point system up and working. Unfortunately, it was not to be. To do reward points requires a plug in for the site. The majority of plug ins were found to be incompatible (didn’t work) with our site. The lone plug in that not only worked, and worked beautifully too is a subscription service. The problem is they only accept paypal as a payment and are located out of the country. Meaning you need a paypal account to purchase it. Being kratom vendors means we were all banned for life a long a time ago from paypal. So, if we can work out a deal with them for a different payment method or get something else working, we’ll do it, but for now that’s at a standstill.

    All the other oddball strains should be in soon with the second half. All the most in demand strains are in. They’ll be new red and green piaman in the second half, and more of the bali’s too, which were great. Back in stock at last!


    Treasure House Botanicals

    Ben & Lindsay

  • Batch #37 set to start arriving Monday or Tuesday

    We finally got word on batch #37 this afternoon. The first half of it is due to arrive Monday or Tuesday 4/22 – 4/23. Of course, that comes with the caveat that’s if everything goes ok with customs.  No word on the second half yet, but it should follow shortly after. Batch #38 is also currently in transit. So, because #37 was delayed it should be coming closer to #37 then it would otherwise. No word on which strains will be here first except the jongkong and bukik will be in the second half.

  • From the Vault is back!

    Ok, we finally got it all sorted through, and have the “from the Vault” section back up. It’s basically the rest of what we have that’s salable. We’re waiting now to hear word on batch #37, but it’s supposed to be getting picked up and sent through a different shipping company. Hopefully, we’ll have some good news soon. It will get posted here when we do.

  • Out of stock, update on batch #37

    We’re out of stock, or the chances are we will be by the time you read this. There’s still no word on when batch #37 will be in. At this point it’s over two weeks late. At the moment it’s sitting in a warehouse waiting to be picked up. After it gets picked up by the shipping company, we’ll have it in three days. The second we know something definitive I’ll do a post. It should be any day at this point. In the meantime, in the next day or two we’re planning to do a another from the vault section. While it will be smaller because extras haven’t had as much time to build up it should all be high quality because it’s from more recent batches. We’ll let you know when we know something.

  • News on batch #37

    As I’m sure you can see we’re almost out of stock. Batch #37 is on the way. There was a delay in shipping. It should have been in around Friday 4/6. We don’t have an exact date yet when it will be in, but we’re expecting it anywhere from 4/13 – 4/20. It’s going to arrive in two separate shipments. We’re not sure yet what strains will come in in what shipment.  What you see listed on the site is our actual stock. As always, we’ll send out a restock email when it comes in. We’ll also make a post when we know something more precise.