Strain Guide

Batch numbers

On each and every of our product labels in the lower left hand corner you will find a number. This number is the current batch number. Because strains vary so much from harvest to harvest, by weather, and by time of year we think that including this number will help inform your buying decision. If you get a particularly outstanding batch of a certain strain as long as we have the same batch number listed, you can buy with confidence knowing that you’ll receive the same product. This is a great way to keep track of your favorite strains.


Kratom has not been approved for human consumption by the FDA. In fact, the FDA has issued warnings recommending against it, and is actively trying to make it a Scheduled substance. None of our products are sold for human consumption. We make no recommendations for the use of this product. We cannot give medical advice and make no medical claims on this site or otherwise. We cannot ship to addresses in states or places where it is illegal specifically Alabama, Arkansas, Sarasota County, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin.

Maeng da

This strain has a special place being one of the first developed through selective breeding and grafting in order to develop an extra strength strain. Harvested from only the most mature leaves, it is known for its for higher than average energizing aroma. It’s potent fully body aroma is great for soothing aches and pains. Maeng da has become the gold standard for scents and the most popular strain. Our maeng da is harvested from the mature leaves of 20-year-old trees originally imported from Thailand. They are the much sought after and almost impossible to find original strain. Most of the maeng da on the market today does not come from the true strain. Rather it is the choice mature leaves of normal trees. The process used in the production of our maeng da is unique. The leaves are carefully sorted by vein color which believe it or not is a rarity, and then dried indoors in air conditioning for greater retention of active alkaloids. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback from customers on our maeng da and it is some of the best you will ever find. Try it and see the difference.

Modern MD

This is the leaf that is currently sold by most vendors as maeng da. In fact, the farm who grows it sells it as maeng da. It is simply their choice regular leaves. So, what makes ours different? The difference is in what happens after it’s picked. First the leaves are carefully sorted by vein color. You may think this is to be expected but think again. Most of the leaf of any scent on the market is poorly sorted if at all! This leaf is guaranteed to be sorted by color so that each color is 100% of that color. This poor sorting is one of the causes the massive variation between different batches. Second, it is cured indoors for maximum retention of aromatic compounds. Leaf is normally cured outdoors in the tropical heat and humidity. The heat and sunlight cause massive degradation. Humid conditions during the rainy season prolong the process even longer destroying even more of the aroma. These are the same two processes used on our authentic original scent maeng da which make it some the best on the market. The aroma compared to that of our maeng da is much more of a focused and concentrated, and our original scent maeng da has a warmer and more full bodied scent.


This strain is named for the massive size of its leaves which grow so large that they resemble an elephant’s ear. It originated south-west Malaysia. And has since been spread through cultivation. This new hybrid is starting to gain in popularity for its similar strength to maeng da and excellent full spectrum aroma and the strains ability to sooth away aches and pains. All of our elephant strains are now processed in the same way as our maeng da and modern maeng da. That means they have all been carefully sorted by color and dried indoors.

Jongkong Maeng da

Jongkong maeng da is the same strain as our regular maeng da grown in the Hulu Kapuas region 160 miles to the east . This strain really highlights the difference location can make because it’s a very different strain then our regular maeng da. The curing process is the same indoor hand sorted as our other strains. The only difference is location.


Piaman is a type of mixed strain containing elephant and and maeng da leaves. The elephant leaves are from the Hulu Kapuas region like most of our strains, but they’re not the same leaves as our regular elephant. The maeng da is the same maeng da as our regular maeng da. The biggest difference is the curing process itself. The leaves are dried for only a couple hours giving and then shredded. This gives it a much brighter color then normal. The process itself alters the alkaloid profile. We’re still waiting on getting a couple of more batches until we really know this one, but so far it seems smoother and mellower, with a great warm feeling.